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Miz Promos is built on the foundation of that experience, of mastering the ins and outs of the apparel decorating processes, and more importantly, the ability to satisfy the most discerning customer with perfection in product and service. It’s why we were able to quickly become a recognized name in the industry and the go-to printing address for the promo and advertising specialty industries.

Why We Are the Best

Behind every perfectly executed order is a team that cares. At Miz Promos, we work hard to create an atmosphere of family and community. That means that when you place an order with us, it is filled by passionate, creative people working together to make magic. Our warm and inclusive company culture ensures that our employees don’t see this as simply a job to get over with each day. They see themselves as part of something greater. They come to work each day with passion and energy, prepared to give their all to every customer. Together, we make it happen, because happy employees produce greater results. Everyone here at Miz Promos is happy to be a part of such a team, and it shows.

Give Your Garments a Personal Touch

As a team, we make sure you get quality prints, embroidery and perfection with every order. And together, as a family, we make you, our customer, part of the family. We all work together to give your order the individual attention and care it deserves. It means that there is a lot of laughter and camaraderie as we work, which makes every member of the team motivated to put in their all. It means that I’ll be the first to put in overtime at the machines when an employee calls in sick, so that your order is never delayed or compromised. And finally, it means that we take the success of your order personally because that’s what family does.


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